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The Village of Glendale Weekly Newsletter is an email notification sent to all subscribers every Friday evening. Containing public notices and updates on community events, the newsletter is an easy way to automatically receive some of the most up-to-date information for the Village.

From time to time, urgent emails will be sent using this system. Important updates on severe weather and urgent municipal messages will be sent using Alert HC. Click here for more information on Alert HC and Smart911.

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Newsletter Archive

Friday Newsletter PoliciesPURPOSE
The Friday Email Newsletter (“the Newsletter”) is sent to a private email list of Glendale residents and those outside of Glendale who have a Glendale connection.   On occasion, stand-alone email messages may be sent to the resident-subscribers on the email list, where their importance and urgency are deemed to warrant it.  Subscription is voluntary.   

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide subscribers with notice of governmental activities, committee meetings, pending legislation, flag notices of those deceased, service schedules, safety alerts, and certain types of community and business events. The newsletter is owned and administered by the Village of Glendale. Unless otherwise stated, all references and policies regarding the Newsletter also apply to the standalone email messages.  

Submissions for the Newsletter are due every Thursday by 4:30 pm at the Village Office or by email to the Administrator at dlumsden@glendaleohio.org. 

The Newsletter will be distributed weekly to the Glendale Newsletter Email List and will be available on the Village website every Friday afternoon at around 5:00 p.m. 

Exceptions may take place in consideration of important and urgent governmental notices that warrant posting on other days of the week.


The Glendale Weekly Newsletter may include content consistent with the purpose stated herein, to be approved by the Administration from the following areas:

  1. THE MAYOR’S OFFICE – Significant events and other news of importance to the Village.
  2. VILLAGE DEPARTMENTS – Updates on various changes, notices, or projects that a municipal department is doing that may impact Glendale residents.
  3. COUNCIL COMMITTEES – Updates on matters referred to any Council Committee that the Committee, upon passage of a motion, deems necessary to report to the Village residents prior to the next Committee or Council meeting.
  4. LEGAL & PUBLIC NOTICES – Notices for all upcoming meetings and hearings of Council, its committees and other Village bodies, such as the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Planning and Historic Preservation Commission, legal notices of Village matters, and links to relevant materials.
  5. PRESS RELEASES – Official Village press releases or statements from the Village administration.

  1. UPCOMING EVENTS – Glendale non-profit organizations, residents, churches, associated schools, and associated organizations, may submit information to be considered for inclusion in the Newsletter for events open to all residents. Events, meetings, or messages of a political nature will not be published.
  2. BUSINESS NOTICES – A notice of the opening of a new business or a new location of an existing business may be included in the Newsletter on a one-time basis. A business-sponsored charitable event will be treated as a non-profit event, if all residents are invited and the business will realize no net profit from the event. 
  3. SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES – Promotion and notice of opportunities for public service and/or donations within the Village of Glendale, open to participation by all Glendale residents.
  4. FREQUENCY OF NOTICES – A notice of a given event, in general, may only appear in one issue of the Newsletter.  Under special circumstances, the Village Administration will consider requests for up to three and no more than two additional appearances in a given month.

The primary objective of the Glendale Weekly Newsletter is to spread information and useful content to Glendale residents.
  1. Submissions related to upcoming events are to showcase our community as a whole in a constructive manner that supports the Village of Glendale and communicates its assets.
  2. Please include photo credits when possible so they can be published with their respective photograph.
  3. Materials submitted to the “From the Community” section shall exclude submissions from individuals, current employees, elected officials, and appointed officials of the Village of Glendale.
  4. Village Administration reserves the right to not publish any material it deems unnecessary or inappropriate.
  5. A submission’s adherence to these guidelines is at the determination and discretion of the Village Administrator, or in his absence, the Mayor. 

Submit any relevant material or express your feedback/questions by contacting the Village Administrator at (513) 771-7200.