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The Village of Glendale Weekly Newsletter is an email notification sent to all subscribers every Friday evening. Containing public notices and updates on community events, the newsletter is an easy way to automatically receive some of the most up-to-date information for the Village.

From time to time, urgent emails will be sent using this system. Be sure to check the Village's Public Notices page for important updates on meeting notices for Council and Council Committees. Other important updates on severe weather and urgent municipal messages will be sent using Alert HC. Click here for more information on Alert HC and Smart911.

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May 15, 2020
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Friday Newsletter Policies

The Friday Email Newsletter is sent to a private email list of Glendale residents and those outside of Glendale that have a Glendale connection.  Subscription is voluntary.  Subscriber information is not shared with any third-party organizations or businesses.  

The following policies regulate the content and privacy of this information service:

The purpose of the newsletter is to provide subscribers with notice of governmental activities, committee meetings, pending legislation, flag notices of those deceased, service schedules, safety alerts and other helpful governmental information. The newsletter is owned and administered by the Village of Glendale.

The newsletter email is sent weekly to those that have subscribed, typically once per week on Friday evening. Exceptions may be made for important governmental notices that warrant notification on other days of the week or on multiple days.   

First priority is given to the Village of Glendale governmental notices.

As a service to Glendale non-profit organizations, residents, associated schools, and associated organizations, these entities may be considered for inclusion in the Friday newsletter. The Administration shall screen all notices for compliance and shall have final approval of all notices for distribution. Notices are distributed provided:

- The Organization is non-profit and associated with Glendale residents or provides services exclusively to Glendale residents or is another governmental or school entity and associated with Glendale residents.
- Topic or event specific courtesy notices shall appear once per event.
- A qualified organization shall be limited to two different notices per month.