Village Gardeners of Glendale

Winter Fundraiser 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

New...Online Ordering and Products!

All Orders Due: October 31, 2022

Q: When will I receive my wreaths and evergreens?

The Village Gardeners of Glendale will be receiving the fresh evergreens that are Local  Distribution Items just before Thanksgiving. We will distribute the evergreens to you within 1-2 days of delivery. We'll be in touch to let you know the delivery date.

Items that were ordered from the Direct Delivery Items portion of the website will be shipped directly to you and will arrive shortly after Thanksgiving.

Q: Why should I buy from the Village Gardeners of Glendale instead of a store?

Your purchase benefits the Village Gardeners of Glendale, a 501 (C)(5) non-profit organization. We are raising money to maintain the gardens in the Village Square, the beautiful focal point of Glendale’s historic and charming community. You’ll receive a fresh, quality holiday evergreen AND you’re supporting a good cause.

Q: Why are you selling these wreaths and evergreens in September and October?

Selling during this time ensures that we have enough time to run our fundraiser before orders are due around the end of October, or beginning of November. This gives our supplier enough time to collect orders and produce the fresh wreaths and evergreens in advance of the holiday season.

Q: Are these products guaranteed?

Yes. Our supplier 100% guarantees all products for freshness. If your product is not fresh or is damaged, please contact us to remedy the issue. We will contact the company to replace the product or provide a credit.

Q: Where are these items grown and produced?

They are grown and produced in the Northwest corner of Washington State. The raw materials are fresh Pacific Northwest evergreens, and they are harvested by trimming trees that are farmed for commercial use. The trimming keeps the trees and ecosystem healthy. Our supplier does not use old growth trees, nor do they cut trees down.

Q: Are the products fresh?

Yes. The evergreens are harvested and assembled just before shipping.

Q: How do I order and pay?

Please order and pay directly on the website. Click on the link below. If you’re not able to do so, please contact us so we can make other arrangements.

Q: When should I pay for my items?

We always collect payment when you place your order, which you’re able to do online at the website.

Q: How long will my wreaths and evergreens last?

All the items are guaranteed to be fresh and last to Christmas.

Q: How do I care for my wreaths and evergreens?

Each item comes with its own care and handling instructions. We recommend you spritz your evergreens with water on a regular basis and also keep the items away from direct heat sources. If you have a glass or plastic screen door, be sure to hang your item on the outside of the screen door. If it hangs between your doors, it can generate heat in the sun and affect the longevity of your item.

Q: How long will you be selling the wreaths and evergreens?

The Village Gardeners of Glendale Holiday Season Fundraiser accepts orders thru October 31st. The website will no longer accept orders after October 31st. Should you want to place another order after the end of the sale, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do. We may have a few leftover items or be able to place an additional order with the company. We cannot guarantee availability after October 31, 2022.

Q: Who should I contact with questions?

You can contact the following individuals with any questions:

Pat Becker, 919-308-6903

Susan McCormick, 513-443-5039

Gina Velleca, 513-328-6085