Council of the Village of Glendale

Materials related to Council business
Proposed policy for the naming of public properties in the Village of Glendale
Draft policy language as reviewed and amended by the Laws & Claims Committee, introduced to Council June 6, 2022 per Resolution 2022-17.

Proposed amendments to the Village of Glendale Zoning Code, pertaining to signage

GPHPC Resolution 2021-002, A “Resolution of Recommendation” Reflecting the Recommendation of the Glendale Planning & Historic Preservation Commission to the Council of the Village of Glendale, Recommending Approval of Amendments to Sign Regulations in the Zoning Code of Glendale, including proposed amendments.

Resolution 2022-04 and draft language.

About the Council of the Village of GlendaleThe Village of Glendale operates as a statutory form of government with a "strong" Mayor and a Council consisting of 6 Councilmembers elected at-large, a Clerk, Treasurer, and Solicitor. In Council meetings, projects, priorities, budgets and laws are reviewed and legislated upon.

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Name Title Committee Chair Term Expires Email
Donald Lofty Mayor 1/1/24
Mike Besl Vice Mayor Finance, Streets 1/1/26
Geoffrey Base-Smith Councilmember Utilities 1/1/26
Marilyn Duke Councilmember Laws & Claims 1/1/24
Amy Baldridge Councilmember Recreation & Playgrounds 1/1/26
Nancy Macenko Councilmember Fire 1/1/26
Will Kreidler Councilmember Public Buildings, Police 1/1/24