Council Committees

The Council of the Village of Glendale is split into 8 council committees who each focus on specific issues and legislation based on a particular piece of the Village government.

These committees meet on an as-needed basis, discussing relevant issues in the Village and reporting their discussions back to Council for consideration. The members of each committee are listed below. If you have a particular question or wish to contact the Chair of a particular committee, feel free to use the email address listed below.

If you would like to review minutes of the Committees, please click the links to the left. Older minutes than those listed are available by contacting the Village Office at (513) 771-7200 or by visiting the link to the "Old Village Website" below.
Committee Chairperson Members Email
Finance Mike Besl All Council Members
Fire Nancy Macenko A. Baldridge, G. Base-Smith
Laws & Claims Marilyn Duke N. Macenko, W. Kreidler
Police Will Kreidler A. Baldridge, N. Macenko
Public Buildings Will Kreidler M. Besl, A. Baldridge
Recreation Amy Baldridge M. Besl, G. Base-Smith
Streets Mike Besl N. Macenko, M. Duke
Utilities Geoffrey Base-Smith M. Duke, W. Kreidler