2021 Budget

Information pertaining to the 2021 budget for the Village of Glendale will be posted to this page.
Glendale Utilities Loan InformationBecause of the expense of the necessary repairs and replacements to the Village's water & sewer infrastructure, the Village takes advantage of low interest loan options provided by two state organizations, the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) and the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). These loans are applied for and overseen by the Village's utility engineer.

Payments on these loans are made twice annually - once in January and again in July. The Village makes these loan payments using the revenue received from quarterly utility bills.

Click here for more information on the Village Utility Department's outstanding loans.
Final 2021 BudgetThe Village passed its appropriation ordinance for 2021 in January. This ordinance contains the estimated revenues and approved appropriations (expenses) for the year. If you have any questions about the budget, please feel free to reach out to the Village Office.

memo 2021 Village of Glendale budget
Estimated Tax BudgetEvery summer, the Village prepares an estimated tax budget for the upcoming year. This budget is intended to represent estimated revenues and expenditures, based on the current year's data. This budget, once prepared, is sent to Hamilton County to provide approximations for expenditure of general property tax revenue - the Village's largest revenue source. The estimated tax budget is not a finalized document - it is a broad representation of estimates for next year. The details of each fund, department and line item are determined by the Finance Committee and Council near the end of the year. Click the link below to view the tax budget and a summary of the funds listed therein.

memo  Estimated Tax Budget, 2021

memo Estimated Tax Budget summary sheet