2023 Strategic Plan

The Village of Glendale is currently undertaking the development a strategic plan for the Village. On this page, you will find frequently asked questions about the plan, as well as materials from various meetings of groups working on the plan. If you you have any questions about the Plan, please contact the Village Office at (513) 771-7200.
Data from Village of Glendale Survey

Thank you to all Glendale residents and business who participated in the Strategic Plan Community Survey. The results of the survey will be instrumental in assisting the Village with the creation of the Strategic Plan. The Plan will identify the Village's critical needs and develop strategies to address them.

Please click the link below to view the results of the survey. This data and additional input received will be used by the Steering Committee to improve the plan. 

Survey Results

If you have comments or questions about the Plan, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Village Office. Public Input boards at the Glendale Car Show, June 25, 2023
As part of the Strategic Plan, the Village is pursuing public input in a number of ways. The first came in the form of public opinion boards set up at the Glendale Gathering Car Show on Sunday, June 25, 2023.

The boards gave those in attendance a chance to 'pin' some of their priorities for the Village, and gives the Steering Committee helpful direction for the creation of the Village's Strategic Plan. 

Photos of the boards with responses after the event are below.
IMG_3835 IMG_3836 - Copy IMG_3837

Please see below for two graphs showing the data:
Table 1 - Categories
Table 2 - Projects, sorted lrg to small
Frequently asked questions
  • What's a strategic plan?
Simply, a strategic lan is a roadmap for the Village for the next 5-10 years. It includes information about various areas of high importance to the Village (like infrastructure) and maps out specific projects that may be pursued to address those areas. The plan also provides data on public interest on these projects, as well as information about potential funding opportunities. These funding opportunities often include outside grants that can be applied for. 

  • Why does the Village need a strategic plan?
The answer is two-fold. First, it greatly assists all leaders (both elected and appointed) in determining the areas of focus for the Village over the next 5-10 years. In addition, strategic plans are very important in today's highly competitive grant environment. A strategic plan will document projects, show how they may positively benefit the Village, and give evidence of public support for projects. All of these factors increase the likelihood the Village will receive a grant for a particular project.

  • How is the Village putting this plan together? How is it being paid for?
The Village has selected Envision, an Ohio based firm, to assist with the formation of the plan. Envision has created plans for a number of Ohio communities, some not unlike Glendale. The cost of the consultant is being paid for by the General Fund, following the passage of the 2.5 mill property tax levy last November.

  • What is the Steering Committee?
The Steering Committee is a group of residents, business owners and public officials who are working with Envision to develop the plan. The Committee will meet 4 times during the plan process, and bring public feedback, as well as their own input and ideas to the plan. Their meetings are listed below, including agendas and other materials.
The Steering Committee consists of the following members: 

Donald Lofty, Mayor
David Lumsden, Village Administrator
Will Kreidler, Councilmember
Nancy Macenko, Councilmember
Amy Baldridge, Councilmember
Tom Breidenstein, GPHPC/GCIC/Board of Appeals
Beth Sullebarger, GPHPC/Historic consultant
Ralph Hoop, resident
Martin Sinnott, GHP President
Victoria Bright, resident
Jon Simons, resident
Garry Terrell, resident
Jenny Dennis, former business owner
Tyler Jeffries, resident

  • When was the last Village plan prepared? 
The last Village Plan was prepared in 2000 and was a comprehensive plan, meaning it was a wide view of the Village, including history, demographics and recommendations for projects. Click here to view the 2000 plan.

Below is a listing of meetings of the Steering Committee and other groups working on the Strategic Plan.
Steering Committee Meetings

05/27/23 Agenda       Minutes