Village of Glendale Government

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The Village of Glendale is a statutory Ohio village, also known as a "strong Mayor" form of government. The Mayor oversees Council and its committees, the Police and Fire Departments, and other smaller board or commissions.

Residents are represented by 6 Council members, elected at-large to 4 year terms. Also elected are a Village Treasurer, responsible for disbursing required payments for the Village as well as overseeing Village investment portfolios. The Village Clerk is also elected to maintain record of Village finances as well as maintain Village records, including minutes of meetings of Council.

Council is divided into 8 committees:
  • Finance
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Utilities
  • Streets, Public Improvements & Lights
  • Public Buildings & Historic Preservation
  • Laws, Claims & Miscellaneous
  • Recreation & Playgrounds

There are several other boards and commissions which address specific items of Village business. These include:
  • Glendale Planning and Historic Preservation Commission (also known as Planning Commission)
  • Board of Appeals
  • Park Board
The Glendale Planning Commission performs all historic appropriateness reviews for exterior building permit applications in the Glendale Historic District. The Board of Appeals addresses variance requests and zoning appeals. The Park Board is responsible for maintaining the Village's street tree canopy and Tree City USA status.