Glendale  Urban Forestry Board

June 12, 2020 Update from Urban Forestry Board Chair Joe Hubbard

Due the recent pandemic the Urban Forestry Board has not been able to meet since March, however, we have been as active as ever.  I hope you have noticed that the Tollgate Park update was completed this week thanks to Bob Carey, Jody Skowronek, and Pete Cassinelli.  Juniper bushes have been added to the south end and rose bushes near the old bus stop.  The lawn area has also been improved with fertilizer and seeding.  In addition, burning bushes previously planted that were not doing so well have been replaced.  The update was totally paid from $9,000 in donations to the Urban Forestry Board from residents.  I hope you will all enjoy the updated park area!  

I know it’s hard to see travelling down Sharon in your auto but sometime park your car and take a good look at the landscaping next to and behind the new addition to the fire station.  It was funded with $5,900 in donations received by the Urban Forestry Board from you, the residents of Glendale.  Thanks, must also be given to Craig Simonson and Pete Cassinelli for their support in providing the landscaping design and help in making it happen.

A special celebration is also happening due to requests for planting Baby Trees in honor of the birth of two new residents of Glendale.  The first is for Jessica & Scott Dekrow who live at 332 Sharon who are celebrating the birth of their beautiful new daughter, Sofie Dekrow, on May 4th. The second is for Sarah & Nick Reder who live at 8 Albion Lane celebrating the birth of their beautiful new daughter, Kathryn Reder on February 11th.  These trees are being provided by the Urban Forestry Board to honor their births.  In addition, proclamations will be awarded at a Council meeting at a later date.  Congratulations to both families!  Thanks go out to Joe Moravec for working to sign up Baby Tree candidates.  If any resident is interested in celebrating their child’s birth call the Village Office or any member of the Urban Forestry Board to apply for a Baby Tree.

The next major project involves the removal of invasive vines primarily in the south greenbelt along Oak Avenue.  The infestation is so bad that special equipment that contractors use to remove brush and trees from large tracks of land must be used.  Unfortunately, the low quote to accomplish the work is approximately $25,000 which is way more than the $4,000 in our fund.  You should drive down Oak near Bethany School and look at the invasive vines that are in the process of killing what’s left of our tree canopy.  We are attempting to find private funding for the project, but we also desperately need your support.
Joe Hubbard
Chairman of Park Board

The Glendale Urban Forestry Board is a six-member, Mayor-appointed board that advises council on park and street tree matters. The Urban Forestry Board, along with generous volunteer help, plans and maintains the trees, shrubs and flowerbeds in the parks. A village ordinance protects public street and park trees and allows the Urban Forestry Board to guide the citizens in proper tree care. Urban forest activities historically have included street tree planting, emergency removal and pruning. New programs include young tree maintenance, special planting projects, and installation of a demonstration windbreak/wildlife habitat. The Mayor, the Village Forester (Administrator) and Service Director attend the six (6) annual Glendale Urban Forestry Board meetings to interact and implement the Board’s recommendations.

The members of the Glendale Urban Forestry Board are Chair Joseph Hubbard, Peter Cassinelli, Craig Simonson, Arleen Hoeweler, Joe Castrucci, and Joe Moravec.

The Village helps manage urban forests by providing spring and fall leaf collection and shredding and year-round brush chipping.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Glendale as a Tree City, USA for 24 years. In addition, Glendale has received nine Tree City USA Growth Awards. The Urban Forestry Board is an official agency of the Village and depends on grants and private donations.

The Glendale Urban Forestry Board meets a minimum of 6 times annually.

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