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Rogan Park


William A. Procter Fountain

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Rogan Park & William A. Procter Fountain

"A Gem From The Past"

Most residents of Glendale have probably seen the William A. Procter Fountain, but just in case you haven't, I encourage you to stop by and see this wonderful gift to our village from well over one hundred years ago.

The fountain is located in Rogan Park at the corner of Greenville Avenue and Village Square, just across from the south end of the railroad depot. Be sure to check it out the next time you are at the square. It is truly "a gem from the past".

About the Procter Fountain

This cast iron drinking fountain was a gift to the Village of Glendale from Mr. William A. Procter, of the Procter and Gamble Company. Designed by Henry F. Franks and patented on June 8, 1890, the fountain was erected in Glendale in 1894 directly across Sharon Avenue from Town Hall. The fountain features a large cast iron bowl suspended from which are two drinking cups. When running, water enters the bowl from the mouths of dolphins cast into the base of the gaslight pole centered above the bowl. Originally, overflow from the large bowl would fall down within the pedestal to an inner trough that carried the water out to a drinking bowl for pets and other animals. The levels of water in these bowls was adjustable from within the fountain, and excess water was directed through the base and into a cistern. The fountain also features a built-in step so that children could reach the bowl with their drinking cups.

In 2001, the fountain was completely restored by the McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. of Oberlin, Ohio. When McKay Lodge received the fountain for restoration the bowl was filled with dirt and gravel, it having been used as a planter in prior years.

About Rogan Park

Rogan Park is named in honor of Ralph and Bessie Rogan, whose grandchildren paid for the improvements and the fountain restoration on land donated by the family. The grandchildren who donated all the improvements to the park are:

Ralph Burchenal
Thomas Carruthers IV
Beth Burchenal
Bill Burchenal
Pat Carruthers
Elizabeth Larson

In addition to the fountain, this lovely little park features a beautiful gazebo, park benches, trees, floral plantings, and soft illumination, for the convenience and safety of the evening visitor. When the weather is nice it's a lovely place to take a moment out from a busy schedule and relax in the sun, or in the shade of the gazebo.

It was previously and erroneously stated on this page that Rogan Park was built in memory of Rogan Burchenal who was tragically killed by lightning in 1972 at the Lyceum while riding his bicycle beneath a tree. Actually, Rogan's parents performed vast improvements to "Floral Park", on East Fountain, in memory of Rogan. Ralph Burchenal furnished the brick sidewalks, benches, and planted many trees in memory of his son, who used to walk in the big open tree park.


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Photo by Dr. Ted Miller - March 3, 2007

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