From the Village Administrator

Junk Vehicle Ordinance

On March 7, 2022, Council passed Ordinance 2022-07, updating the Village’s regulations regarding “junk” vehicles in the Village. This article will explain what is subject to enforcement, how that process works, and how the Village will proceed with addressing concerns related to junk vehicles.

What’s a junk vehicle?

Under the new law, a “junk vehicle” is a vehicle, trailer, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle that is 3 or more years old and remains on the property for more than 7 days with the following types of damage:

  • Deflated, wrecked or missing tires or wheels
  • Missing or wrecked body parts
  • Broken or missing headlights or brake lights
  • Broken, cracked or missing windows or windshield
  • Missing motor or transmission
  • Missing or invalid license plates
  • Otherwise appears inoperable

This law says that any vehicle that meets these criteria is a “junk vehicle” and is a public nuisance. This means the Village can take legal action against the property owner to order them to remove the vehicle. Because this ordinance was not passed as an emergency measure, the Village will wait 30 days from its passing before it will start enforcing it, or April 6, 2022.

What’s the process for enforcing this new law?

If you notice a vehicle that you believe is in this condition, please contact the Village Office at (513) 771-7200. The Village is already aware of some properties that currently have cars that might be classified as “junk vehicles” and this new law will help us address them.

The first step for enforcing this law is written notice to the property owner ordering them to respond either by removing the vehicle or appeal the violation. If they don’t respond, the Village can proceed either by assessing a fine for each day the vehicle remains out or citing the owner to Mayor’s Court.

If the vehicle poses a safety hazard, the Police Department has the ability to tow the vehicle off the property. A vehicle harboring bugs or pests, leaking flammable or harmful materials, or located in a way that it could hurt or trap someone if it rolls or falls would be considered a ‘safety hazard’. The towing cost would be billed to the property owner in those cases.

My neighbor has a junk vehicle behind their house, how can the Village help?

Most vehicles considered “junk” probably aren’t parked in front on driveways or garages – they are behind houses or parked in grassy areas. Because of this, it can be difficult to enforce these laws because the Village can’t go onto the property without a search warrant.

But if you can see the car from your property, you can grant permission for an inspector from the Village to come into your yard and see the possible violation and pursue enforcement.

If you believe a vehicle that meets these criteria, please contact the Village Office at (513) 771-7200 and we will address it.

What’s next?

Care for one’s property is a point of pride for many Glendale residents. Unfortunately, there are still some properties in the Village that are in an unappealing condition. These require the Village notify the property owner and compel them to correct it. As we receive notification from residents of these possible conditions, we will pursue enforcement as our ordinances allow.

If you have any questions or wish to report something to the Village, please contact us at (513) 771-7200.