From the Village Administrator

General Fund and Levy Information 

What is the General Fund? What services does it fund for the Village?
The Village’s General Fund is the main operating fund for the Village of Glendale. The General Fund budget includes the Police, Fire, Public Works and Administrative departments.
The Village’s 2022 General Fund budget is $2,660,262. Of that, about 67% are personnel costs, including salaries and benefits.
The pie chart shows the breakdown of the 2022 General Fund expenditures by department.

What is the source of revenue for the General 
The General Fund is funded by property tax revenue and other sources including traffic fines and the trash and recycling charges on residents' utility bills.

83% of the revenue for the General Fund is generated by property tax levies.


What does the Village project for budget surpluses or deficits based on the proposed levies?

Projections from the Finance Committee were published in June. Final budget amounts will be approved by Council in December.

If the 8.5 and 2.5 pass: The Village estimates a General Fund surplus of $155,543 for 2023.
If the 8.5 passes and the 2.5 fails: The Village estimates a General Fund deficit of $136,673 for 2023.
If the 8.5 and 2.5 both fail: The Village estimates a General Fund deficit of $1,050,355 for 2023.

Please see the chart below to compare the projected General Fund surpluses and deficits per year based on the revenue projections from the two levy options on the ballot in November.


Why are there two levies on the ballot?

If the 8.5 and the 2.5 mill levies pass, they will generate a combined total of $1,170,774 for the operation of the General Fund. In order to generate this same amount of revenue with one new levy, that new levy would need to be 10.32 mill.
With the combination of the 8.5 mill and 2.5 mill levies, homeowners will pay $316.79/year per $100,000 of market valuation for these levies, based on data from the Hamilton County Auditor.
A new 10.32 mill levy, generating the same amount of revenue for the Village, would cost homeowners $361.20/year per $100,000 in market valuation, or an additional $44.41 per year. This is due to the loss of certain tax credits only available on renewal levies.