From the Desk of the Administrator

From time to time, Village Administrator Walter Cordes will update residents on ongoing projects and developments within the Village.

Construction Updates - July 2020Sharon Road BridgeAs discussed in previous updates, our target date for completing the new Sharon Road bridge, and opening the road, is July 31st.    Several new obstacles arose since the last update and we were able to work through them to stay within the revised completion schedule (July 31). 
New Water Main Project After 3 years of planning, and being awarded a low (1.37%) 20 year loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA), we have awarded a contract to replace our failing Sharon Road 10” water main from Chester to the Town Hall, and to replace the failing 4” water main with a new 8” water main on S. Troy from Sharon to Warwick.     As you likely know, these water mains are over 100 years old and break numerous times each year.    The total project costs are $2,084,480 and repayment of the low interest 20 yr loan is made possible by the recent increases in water rates.    The contractor, Rack & Ballauer Co., will begin work on Monday, July 6th and take advantage of the current closure on Sharon until July 31 - allowing a faster work pace.   When the bridge is complete and the road reopens, Rack and Ballauer will keep the road open and allow traffic to flow with flagmen in both directions.    The time necessary to complete the water main project is 45 to 60 days. 
Albion RR Crossing RemovalWe are near completion in restoring the former railroad crossing at Albion / Greenville Avenues.   Pavement was removed and new soil was installed on both sides.   Many new Japanese Lilac trees were planted to match those that already line the tracks on the Greenville side.    Additional landscaping and trees were added to the S. Troy side and both sides have new grass sod in place vs. seed. The cost to restore the crossing is estimated at $5,000 and we will be reimbursed by CSX Railroad.  
Quiet Zone Walkway and Parking LotWe have awarded a contract to J. K. Meurer Co, in the amount of $117,730, to reconfigure and repave the municipal parking lot, add a lighted (2 simulated gas lamps) pedestrian brick paver walkway, and install a new black wrought iron fence system, as required by the railroad to comply with the quiet zone regulations.    Funds collected for the Quiet Zone project made this required improvement possible.  The work will begins July 6th and is estimated to take 30 to 35 days.   The Thursday Glendale Farmers Market will relocate to the front of the Courthouse driveway during the parking lot construction.
Town Hall Kitchen Restoration ProjectOur Town Hall auditorium now has a freshly remodeled kitchen with a new gas stove, larger refrigerator and larger microwave.   A larger stainless steel sink with several stainless steel kitchen work tables were additionally installed.    We were also able to freshen it up with new paint, lighting and flooring, making it more desirable to caterers when the hall is rented by residents for social events and receptions.    Much owed to the Public Buildings Committee, Chaired by Councilwoman Nancy Macenko, this remodeling was well under the $12,000 budget with a final cost of $8,262.
Land Fill Restoration Project:  Our former landfill, at the north end of N. Troy, had filled to capacity with construction related waste (dirt, paving debris, chips, yard waste and cement) and had become unusable.   After 30yrs of service it was necessary to regrade / level it and establish a new level earth top so that it may continue to be utilized by our service and utility departments as a destination for suitable work related debris.  The work also included leveling and turning our leaf compost material in the area north of Washington Park.   These projects, taking 6 weeks of bulldozing, were reasonably performed by a small contractor at a cost of just under $18,000.  
Street Surfacing 2020 ProgramEach year we prioritize the interior streets that are in most need of Cape Sealing with a Blackmat coating finish.   Our Glendale share of state tax receipts for gasoline and license plates provide us with approximately $200,000 in available street construction funds per year for street repair/surfacing, road salt and related supplies.  
Cape Sealing w/ Blackmat is a process similar to tar and chip, but thicker, more durable, and with a smoother finished surface.   The process extends the life of our interior roadways, lasting 12 to 15yrs.   Nine interior streets will be Cape Sealed, beginning the week of July 13th.  Notice will be placed on the front door of homes on these streets, asking them to not park on the street during the day of application and to avoid driving on the new surface for several hours after application.   The notice will have a greater explanation.    The streets prioritized this year are listed below.

Prioritized Interior Streets for CAPE Seal w/ Blackmat (23,302sy @$6.42sy). State Bid Purchase Program Pricing, via 101G-20 ODOT Contract.

  • Morse Ave (entire length)     3,400sy     $ 21,828.00
  • Greenwood Ave (entire length)     1,333sy     $ 8,557.86    Repairs (1)
  • Walnut Ave (entire length)     1,056sy     $ 6,779.52
  • Glendale Ave (entire length)    2,244sy     $ 14,406.48    Repairs (4)
  • Linden Ave (Entire length)     1,400sy     $ 8,988.00
  • N. Troy Ave (Entire length)     3,558sy     $ 22,842.36
  • Little Creek Ln (Entire length)     3,276sy     $ 21,031.92    Repairs (2)
  • Albion Ave (short Albion, entire)     2,147sy     $ 13,783.74
  • Kingfisher Ln. (entire)     4,888sy     $ 31,380.96    Repairs (2)
SAMI Sub Total:     23,302sy      $149,598.84   
2020 Micro Finish Costs     $149,598.84
(9) Pre-Application Repairs     1,690sf @ $6     $10,140.00
Project Total:     $159,738.84  

We realize some of this necessary work causes an inconvenience to the public and businesses and we thank you for your patience.  

Walter Cordes
Village Administrator