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From time to time, Village Administrator Walter Cordes will update residents on ongoing projects and developments within the Village. Past "From the Desk of the Village Administrator" reports are linked at the bottom of the page.

Village Project Updates - May 2020Bids Received for Work to Finish Quiet ZoneOur days of orange snow fencing and concrete barriers at the closed crossings at Sharon Ave and Oak Road are coming to an end!  On Friday, May 1, several contractors submitted their bids to work on the parking lot adjacent to the former pedestrian crossing by (1) installing a black aluminum fence that will have a look similar to the fence across the tracks at the Depot Museum; (2) reconfiguring the parking spots in the parking lot; (3) repaving the lot; and (4) creating a new walkway from the lot to the crossing at Sharon Ave.

The Village engineering firm of Kleingers Group has evaluated the bids and identified the low bidder.  The appropriation of the funds to do the work will be on the agenda for the June 1 Council meeting.  Once the vote is taken and the contract is awarded, the work is expected to take 30 calendar days and to be done by July 31 at the latest.
The Village is also ready to begin work on the closed Albion crossing.  Once CSX removes the pavement and barriers, we can begin landscaping the crossing so that it will look much like the rest of the track area.

The delay in starting this final stage of the quiet zone project has been frustrating, caused mainly by the need to have the track-area work done before the Village can begin.  As it has throughout the project, CSX Transportation worked at its own pace.  Fortunately, they have begun tearing out the pavement and are likely to be done by the end of May.

Mayor, Don Lofty, expressed his sincere gratitude to the residents of the Village for their patience with this project.  “All I can say,” said the Mayor, “is that the end is in sight and the result will be something Glendale can be proud of for many years to come!”

Sharon Road Bridge ReplacementThe work on the Sharon Road bridge continues and the contractor now has all parts on hand that were delayed due to the pandemic event.   Completion is expected, as previously reported, on the last week of May.   

CSX Railroad Crossing Removal Work At AlbionCSX has worked this past week to remove the railroad crossing blacktop at Albion Avenue and the former pedestrian crossing.  While the removal of paving on the track portion is now complete, removal of the blacktop ramp(s) is near completion and we are encouraging them to complete their work over the next 7 days.  Once CSX is finished with Albion, we have arranged for a landscaper to add top soil, grass and trees where the Albion ramps were once located.  It is our goal to blend in the former crossing ramp area with similar landscaping that buffers the other portions of Albion and Greenville greenspace along the tracks.   

CSX Improvements To Sharon And Oak Railroad CrossingWe previously reported to you that CSX will be making pavement and railroad improvements to both the Oak and Sharon crossing, they have advised us that there have been delays in completing their work.  When they again notify us of their schedule, we will immediately report it to you by email.   We have required them to leave one crossing open at all times when they are performing their maintenance work.

Sharon Road Water Main Replacement ProgressFor several years we have been working with our engineer to prepare a plan to replace the original 10” aged (1912) water main on Sharon Road from Chester Road to the Town Hall.   This section of water main has repeatedly broken due to its age and replacement is now a high priority.   The Council, Mayor, Administrator and engineers now have a reasonable plan in place so that the water main can be replaced this fall.   It includes, in part, the following:

  • Replacement of the original 10” water main on Sharon (and fire hydrants), beginning at Chester Rd. and connecting to the newer 10” main at 80 E. Sharon (previously installed for the new water tower in 1998) beginning at 80 E. Sharon.   
  • Replace residential water taps, when determined to be lead, from the water main to the sidewalk curb box.
  • Replace a section of aged water main (and fire hydrants) on S. Troy beginning at Sharon and ending at Albion, with an additional new water main under the former Albion Ave. railroad tracks, connecting to Greenville (to improve water volume and pressure).
  • A low interest loan application, in the amount of $2,083,385, is currently being considered by the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA).  The interest rate is anticipated to be 1.37% to 1.57%, depending on our choice of a 20, 25 or 30 year loan period.   We anticipate the loan to be awarded.   Debt service for this necessary project loan is now possible due to the recent increases in utility rates.    
We will keep you posted as we progress in this project.   
Sharon Road Repaving Project And GrantOnce the new water main is in place in late 2020, the resurfacing of Sharon Road becomes a timely priority.  We are in the process of applying for a significant grant to repave, with blacktop, all of Sharon Road, from Chester to Rt. 4, in early 2021.  To increase our success in receiving an award via State Capital Improvement Funds (SCIP), we intend to apply for a matching grant to fund the project that is expected to exceed $1 million.  Engineers are working on the details now. Our matching funds would tentatively be drawn from the VPGI investment funds.  

Hedgerow and Albion GrantYou may recall that last fall that we applied for a grant to improve the collection of storm water on Hedgerow and Albion.   The integrating committee that awards State Capital Improvement Funds (SCIP) rated this project just slightly under the ranked award level.   Many communities in Hamilton County apply for project grants and each project is ranked in priority to determine which community will received limited SCIP funds.    This year we will re-apply and work toward additional and specific details in our submission paperwork to gain additional points and ranking.    Our request for funding will also be in the form of a matching grant request, with our portion of funding to tentatively be drawn from the VPGI investment funds.   We will keep you posted on the outcome of this needed project.

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