From the Desk of the Administrator

From time to time, Village Administrator Walter Cordes will update residents on ongoing projects and developments within the Village. Past "From the Desk of the Village Administrator" reports are linked at the bottom of the page.

March 2020 Sharon Road Water Main BreakOn Tuesday, March 17th another 10” water main breakMain break March 2020 (main water transmission line) occurred on Sharon Road.  This time it was in the 500 block of East Sharon.   Crews spent the day making emergency repairs while we turned on Cincinnati water for the day.  The new connection to the Cincinnati Water Works on Rt. 4, adjacent to our water tower and installed during the summer of 2019, was essential in providing emergency water to Glendale.  The Rt. 4 emergency connection project was funded by the recent water rate increase to pay for improvements to our aged water system.  
Sharon Road Water Main Project and Low Interest Funding ApplicationThe 10” water main on Sharon, from Chester to the Town Hall, is an original water main that is well beyond its life expectancy and in need of replacement.   The increase in water main breaks on Sharon reflect on its condition and we have been diligently working to begin this water main replacement project.   All of you are aware that we were required to raise water rates to begin funding water infrastructure improvements, including the replacement of aged water mains.  Plans and bid documents have been prepared and we are out to bid.  We are now nearing the opportunity to apply for a low interest state loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA).  Once the bidding results are in, we will work with the OWDA so that this important project, expected to cost over $1m, can move forward with low interest ( <1.9%) funding and in conjunction with our renewed ability to repay the low interest loan.   
Sharon Road Bridge Reconstruction ProgressAs all are well aware, the replacement of the failing Sharon Rd. bridge began February 24th and continues to the end of April (60 days).   The contractor is working diligently to stay on schedule.   Within a week the new cement culvert pipes will be poured in place, . now that Cincinnati Waterworks has rerouted their 30” water main, as has Duke Energy with their gas main, and Cincinnati Bell with their Fioptics cables.   Please recall that the majority (80%) of this necessary $440K project was funded by Ohio and Hamilton County.  We sincerely appreciate the patience that residents and merchants have displayed during this construction process and detour.  
Route 4 debris cleaningUnfortunately many motorists have no reservations about throwing trash out of their car windows while driving on State Rt. 4 on the Glendale side.   This week Tom Alderfer and our crews are again cleaning the debris.  If you observe garbage being thrown from a vehicle anywhere in Glendale, please make note of the time and license number and report it to the Glendale Police (771-7645).
Glendale Service Department Fuel Station located at 528 E. Sharon Rd. to be removed After many years of service (1988) the fuel tanks and pumps are being removed from the front of the Service Department, much owed to their age, condition and the integrity of the 3 tanks.  We will in the future obtain our fuel from the gas station located in Glendale. 
New Glendale Web Page Launched  David March 2020 - Copy David Lumsden, our Administrative Assistant, has been assigned the task of replacing our webpage to improve the ease of use and ability to find information quickly.   The Revize Company, an award winning municipal web site developer, were hired last fall and they have been working on this project with David through the winter.   This week we launched the new site and we will continue to improve upon it while allowing residents to enjoy it.  You will likely appreciate the front page  “How Do I” feature that allows you to type in any topic for a redirect to that area of the new web page.   The former web site hosted a great deal of historical and interesting information that was not often accessed.   Because some people may still wish to research this information, there is a link at the bottom of the new page to access the former web page information.   Please pardon our dust as we continue to make additional improvements to your new municipal web page.    
Grant Applications 2020This year we are applying for two grants to potentially make improvements within the Village.  
•    ADA Crosswalk on Sharon Road east of the RR Tracks.   
We have recently joined the Hamilton County Community Development program and have been awarded up to $34,000 for improvements that are ADA and or elderly compliant within the Village, on a repeating annual basis.   This year, we are applying for an ADA compliant crosswalk system with solar warning lights on Sharon in front of the new UDF to allow pedestrians to safely cross in this area.   The solar warning light system is activated when pedestrians enter the crosswalk.   Our application has been submitted and it requests full funding.   

•    Hedgerow and Albion Roadway and Drainage Improvements.  
A grant application for an improvement project to collect storm water with new underground storm pipes and strategic curbing on Hedgerow and Albion has been prepared and will be submitted to the Hamilton County Ohio Public Works Commission Integrating Committee for their consideration to fund 70% of this necessary project.   The goal is to collect heavy storm water flow that crosses over many Hedgerow and Albion yards and streets, and often floods Albion Avenue.  They will consider this in September of this year and the Village Council has reserved the remaining 30% of the project costs within the VPGI Fund and has ranked this project as a 1st priority. Repaving Hedgerow is also included.  
Your Assistance With “Inside the Home” Water Meter Readings Is NeededIt is time to read water meters. Due to the Corona Virus and our interest in keeping you and our staff safe, we are currently working to read the outside water meters, but we are temporarily unable to read water meters located inside your home. If your water meter is inside your home, please read your meter and provide it to the Glendale Administrative Office within the next 5 days. If you cannot locate your inside water meter, we can provide you with instructions (please call us).

How to send your reading (4 options):
  1. Email to, or
  2. Click here to submit it online, or
  3. Text a photo of your meter to (513) 262-0132, or
  4. Call it into the Village Office at (513) 771-7200.
Please include your reading, your name and address. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these temporary measures to keep residents and staff safe.

Glendale Named Tree City USA for 24th Consecutive Year and receives 9th Growth Award

Dan Lambe, President of the Arbor Day Foundation, recently notified the Village of Glendale that it has once again been recognized as a Tree City USA for the 24th consecutive year and that we have additionally received our 9th Growth Award.   Only 3,400 municipalities across America have been awarded the Tree City USA status.  Our Glendale Park Board and staff, in conjunction with Park Board donations provided by residents and the Procter Fund, have made this possible.   The four core standards to obtain Tree City USA status include maintaining an active Park Board, having a community tree ordinance, spending a minimum amount per capita on urban forestry,  and celebrating Arbor Day.  The Village of Glendale far exceeded these standards and we once again thank all of the volunteer Park Board, staff, and those that donated funds.   In 2020, we are again working to achieve Tree City USA status and to obtain a 10th year Growth Award.  Those few municipalities that achieve 10 years of Growth Awards are awarded Sterling status.  A community that is recognized as a Sterling Tree City USA exceeds the prior year work, including tree plantings,  and are regarded as leaders in community forestry.  They are often looked upon as innovators and only 19 Ohio communities have Sterling Tree City USA status.   Should you wish to support the 2020 Park Board program as we work toward our Tree City USA Sterling status, please consider a monetary donation so that we may plant additional trees to qualify.  Donations may be sent to the Village Office in the name of the Glendale Park Board, 30 Village Square, Glendale, OH 45246 and they are tax deductible.  

Wally Cordes
Walter Cordes
Village Administrator