Utility Infrastructure Loans

GLENDALE UTILITIES LOAN INFORMATIONBecause of the expense of the necessary repairs and replacements to the Village's water & sewer infrastructure, the Village takes advantage of low interest loan options provided by two state organizations, the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) and the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). These loans are applied for and overseen by the Village's utility engineer.

Payments on these loans are made twice annually - once in January and again in July. The Village makes these loan payments using the revenue received from quarterly utility bills.

Please see the table below for more information about each loan. NOTE: Loan amounts indicated with an asterisk (*) are subject to change based on the final cost of the project. The total loan amount due may be less than the total listed, but not more. Because these final amounts aren't yet known, neither are the annual payment amounts. This page will be updated once more information is available on these loans.

Loan No. Project Total Amount Interest Rate First Payment  Annual Payments Balance as of 12/31/2024 Final Payment 
OWDA 8381 Water distr. system improvements $152,467 3.09% January 2021 $7,833 $119,734 July 2050
OWDA 8896 Sharon Rd. water main repl. $2,058,145 1.37% July 2022 $58,999 $1,830,543 January 2042
OPWC CB28R Wastewater plant repair & replacement $576,717 0% July 2016 $28,836 $346,030 July 2036
OWDA 6546 Wastewater plant improvements $283,320 3.74% January 2015 $20,245 $167,609 July 2034
OWDA 4644 Wastewater plant improvements $6,081,480 2.75% January 2009 $397,355 $1,495,419 July 2028
OWDA 9222 CMOM - Planning loan $89,600* 0% July 2022 $17,920 TBD January 2027