Understanding My Bill

Every quarter, the Village of Glendale Utility Department bills residents and businesses for water, sewer and trash collection services. Bills are sent in January, April, July and October each year.

Bills are mailed in the form of a postcard to your home or business. Please see below for an image of a sample utility bill.

Sample utility bill
Utility rate informationThe utility rates are calculated under the guidance of the Village's utility engineer based on upcoming required improvements or repairs. Rates are evaluated by the Utility Committee of Council and then passed by ordinance by Council.

All utility customers are charged a minimum bill quarterly. This amount is shown in the table below. The minimum bill covers all usage up to 10ccf. Any usage over and above 10ccf is charged at the utility rate, also shown below. A Glendale utility bill is the total of the water, sewer and trash collection charges.

In December of 2019, Council passed the following water & sewer rates, effective on the dates listed below:

Effective Date     
Minimum (up to 10ccf)    
Rate (usage over 10ccf)
 1/1/2020  $67.91  $6.30
 1/1/2021  $67.91  $8.30
 1/1/2022  $70.63  $8.63


Effective Date     
Minimum (up to 10ccf)    
Rate (usage over 10ccf)
 1/1/2020  $119.23  $7.45
 1/1/2021  $124.00  $7.75
 1/1/2022  $128.96  $8.06

Trash and recycling costs are determined by the Village's service agreement with Rumpke Waste & Recycling.

Trash & Recycling Collection
Effective Date       Amount     
 4/1/2020  $41.73
 4/1/2021  $42.63
 4/1/2022  $43.62

Important sections of my billAccount No.
This appears under your name and address as a 5 digit number with a decimal. This number is how we identify your account within our billing system. In order to process your payment quicker, please note your account number on your check or include your bill stub (the smaller left portion) with your payment. If you call with questions about your account, having your account number handy helps us find your account quickly.

Billing Date/After & Net/Gross Amount
The billing date is the date on which the bill is generated. The net amount is the amount due if paid prior to the "after" date. Once the "after" date has passed, the bill amount is subject to a 10% late payment penalty. The gross amount is the bill total plus the 10% penalty.

From/To dates
These dates represent the billing cycle for the current bill. On the sample bill above, it is billing for usage between September 12, 2019 to December 19, 2019.

Code, Current Read/Previous Read
This section provides a line item breakdown of the charges on your water bill. Code "W" represents your water charge, "S" is for sewer and "RE" is for trash and recycling. The reading numbers correspond to your water meter readings collected for the current billing period and the previous billing. You will also see the letter R or the letter E appear next to your current read. This indicates if your bill is based on an actual reading (R), or an estimated reading (E). If your bill is estimated, please submit a reading to our office as soon as possible so we can be sure your bill is correct. Under Glendale ordinances, if we are unable to obtain a reading for more than 2 consecutive quarters, your service is subject to disconnection. You may call your reading in to the Village Office or submit your reading online by clicking here.