Submit A Water Meter Reading

The Village of Glendale Utility Department reads water meters in anticipation of the quarterly water, sewer and trash billing. Utility Department employees collect readings from every meter in the Village in March, June, September and December. If your water meter is located within your home and an employee is unable to make a reading, they will leave a card at your home requesting you to do so and submit that reading to the Village Office.
Standard water meter
If you'd prefer, you may also submit your reading on this page. Please include all listed information, including a phone number and your account number, which can be found on previous bills or on the card left at your home in the upper left or right corner. It is a five digit number with a decimal.

As a guide, please enter the numbers that appear on the dials, as indicated in the image to the right.



Phone number:

Utility account number (####.#):

Water meter reading:

Photo of water meter: