Utility Department

The Glendale Utility Department operates the Water and Wastewater Treatment facilities. If you have a question about your water or sewer utility service, or you are experiencing a problem with your system, please feel free to contact the Village Office so we may advise you on the best next steps. Our Utility Department employees are glad to meet with residents to ensure their water and sewer systems are running well.

Glendale provides both water and sewage to all residents and businesses within our corporate limits. If you are a current resident, you will automatically receive a quarterly utility bill. Bills are usually sent around the first of January, April, July and October. The bills are due within 20 days. If you have questions about your bill, check out the "Understanding My Bill" page on the left. If you are a new resident, you must complete a copy of the Utility Account Registration form, available by clicking here.

Our water and sewage departments are operated as self-sustaining non-profit “enterprises.” All fees collected are returned to the utility department’s operating budget an can only be spent on water and sewer needs. If your utility bill appears excessive, please call the Village Office and we will be happy to assist you.Glendale Water Works

Our .450 MGD water plant is located on Sharon Avenue, has been in operation since 1912 and is served by deep wells supplied by the Miami Valley Aquifer. It is pumped from an aquifer some 200’ below the ground and is very pure, albeit somewhat hard as it contains many minerals. Once pumped, the water is mixed with lime in a series of tanks and filters. As the lime attaches itself to the hard minerals it becomes heavy and sinks to the bottom of the tanks (it is then drained off as waste), thus allowing the pure and softer surface water to be used for delivery to our water tower and your home. While the raw water is approximately 550ppm (parts per million) of hardness, the final product delivered to you ranges between 130 and 150ppm hardness; a most acceptable quality. Because this water drawn from the underground aquifer, you will notice a different taste when comparing it to Cincinnati’s water (surface water; the Ohio River). We recently remodeled our water plant to current EPA standards.

Glendale sewer plantOur .750 MGD sewage treatment system was installed (at 528 E. Sharon) in the late 20’s and was extensively updated in 1987. It was again rebuilt and brought to modern specifications in 2009 as mandated by the Ohio EPA. Each home in Glendale is connected to the public sewer system via a service line (you own and maintain) that runs from your house to the sewer main (we own and maintain) that is most commonly found underground each street.