Curbside Brush & Leaf Collection

The Village of Glendale Public Works Department is proud to provide curbside collection of brush, limbs and loose leaves to residents of the Village. The Public Works Department seeks to collect from every residence once a week, as staff time and equipment allows. If you place items out for collection and they are not collected the following week, Public Works staff will collect them as soon as possible.

The dates provided on this page are subject to change based on weather or equipment availability.
Brush and Branches Collection - April through September 20, 2024
The Public Works Department collects brush and limbs annually between Spring and Fall, typically between April and September. Be sure to check the Village's email newsletter and website front page for specific dates of collection. Residents are asked to neatly stack brush at the curb for collection by the Village chipper truck. Please do not place branches that exceed 6" in diameter or mix loose leaves with brush or limbs. Limbs should not be bundled.

Loose Leaf Collection - October 23, 2024 through December 20, 2024 Beginning in mid-October, the Public Works Department collects loose leaves placed at the curb by residents. The Village also collects loose leaves for two weeks in April each year. Be sure to check the website for specific dates for collection. Leaves should be raked into neat piles and cannot not be mixed with branches or other yard waste, as those items may clog or damage the leaf collection machine. Additionally, be sure not to place leaves into the street as they can restrict the natural flow of storm water or clog catch basins and cause flooding.