Citizen Compliment Form

The Glendale Police Department continuously strives to provide the highest quality of law enforcement service and to enforce the law equally, fairly, objectively and without discrimination toward any individual or group. The department's policies reflect this intent and our officers strive to meet the highest standards when dealing with all members of the public.

In the event that you do wish to commend or compliment the actions taken by a Glendale officer, you may complete the attached form and submit the form in any of the following manners:
  • In person at the Glendale Police Department, 301 East Sharon Road
  • Via e-mail to
  • Via US mail to: Glendale Police Department 301 East Sharon Rd. Glendale, Ohio 45246

You may also contact the Glendale Police Department by phone at (513) 771-7645 for further information.
Glendale Citizen Compliment Form

Craig Walsh, Chief of Police