Key Box Program

The Village of Glendale and the Glendale Fire Department have adopted a key box program to provide better safety protection to all businesses and home owners in the community. This program is voluntary but very highly recommended by the Department.   We have worked diligently to get this program in place to provide a means of access to building interiors in times of real or perceived emergency. These locked key boxes are mounted on the outside of your home or building with the key to your structure inside and provide a means of access to your building without causing damage. This can save valuable minutes when time may be critical. If an emergency is clear when the Fire Department arrives at the scene of an alarm, the Department will access the building interior as quickly as possible even though this may cause damage to the structure.  However, when the urgency of an alarm is not clear, having access to the building interior by using the building key inside the key box reduces the time to confirm the actual situation. 

Your Fire Department strongly encourages your participation in this program. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you decide whether to install a key box.

What is the Key Box System?
The Key Box System is a secure emergency access program developed for property owners and fire departments. When there is any emergency, the Key Box System allows firefighters and paramedics immediate entry into buildings and property without forced entry damage or delay. In the case of a medical emergency where someone may be down and unable to open a door for the paramedics to get in, it allows a quick way to get inside to help a victim without forcing entry.

How does the Key Box System benefit property owners?
When an emergency occurs, the Key Box System will allow the Fire Department to spend less time and fewer resources gaining access to your building. Repairs made after a single forcible entry will likely pay for the purchase and installation of a Key Box. With the Key Box Rapid Entry System, property owners save in two ways; first, with more rapid control of emergencies and second, with less damage caused by fire department entry.

How much does a Key box cost?
Currently, the cost of a residential Key Box is about $155.00, plus shipping. This product is adequate for most key only installations. 

Where should my Key box be mounted?
Key boxes should be mounted near the main entry door to your building, however we would recommend calling the Fire Department for advice. 

How do I lock my keys in the Key Box? I did not receive a key?
Property owners do not receive keys that will open their Key Box.  Only the Fire Department has the proper key to open your Key box. When your box is mounted and ready to install keys, call the non-emergency number at the Fire Department and advise them that you are ready to place keys in your box. A chief officer from the Fire Department will come and place the keys securely in your box. 

If you are interested, or have additional questions, feel free to contact the Glendale Fire Department. We are excited to have this program to offer to everyone in the Village of Glendale.