Alert HC & Smart911

Visit for more information and to sign up for alerts and Smart911. The Village of Glendale Fire Department encourages you to help sign up your friends and neighbors as well - these alerts could save a life!Alert Hamilton CountyAlert HC LogoAlert Hamilton County (Alert HC) and Smart911 are a joined effort to both notify residents, visitors, and those who work in Hamilton County of emergency situations and other important information, as well as provide an opportunity to create a Safety Profile that can save vital response time during an emergency. With Alert HC, users are able to choose from more than 42 different alerts they may wish to be notified about to keep themselves and their families safe. This system is completely customizable and allows users to choose which alerts they want to receive and how they want to receive them. Alert Hamilton County can notify users via text message, and email, with phone call notification available for the following alerts: Civil Emergency Message, Civil Danger Warning, Evacuation Immediate, Shelter In Place, Tornado Warning, Flash Flood Warning, Flood Warning, and Municipal Alerts.

In addition to these vital services, the Village of Glendale relies on the Alert HC system to relay important local information and alerts, including road closures and water main breaks. Once registered for Alert HC with a Village of Glendale address, you will automatically be eligible to receive Village of Glendale "Municipal Alerts".
Smart911Smart911 LogoAlert Hamilton County is paired with a system called “Smart911,” which allows your important information to be shared with 9-1-1 call takers and first responders during an emergency. With Smart911, both 9-1-1 call takers and first responders can know exactly what you want them to know during any kind of emergency. You can add vital information, such as information about members of your household, medical details, disabilities and equipment, address and property details, as well as emergency contact information and communication preferences.