Installing a Swimming Pool

If you are looking to beat the summer heat and construct a swimming pool at your home, the Village has a number of special conditions and requirements that apply to their installation. 

Swimming pools (both above- and in-ground) are considered a ‘conditional use’ in the Village, meaning they require review and approval by both the Glendale Planning and Historic Preservation Commission (GPHPC) and Council. This applies regardless of if your property is located in the Historic District or not.

The application for these approvals are reviewed at the regular GPHPC & Council meetings and, in most circumstances, take place on the same evening of meetings. NOTE: Due to notification requirements for Conditional Uses, Conditional Use applications are due no later than 15 business days prior to an upcoming GPHPC meeting. 

Pools are classified as ‘accessory structures’ in the Village’s Zoning Code, meaning they must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be entirely located behind the rear wall of the home (entirely in the rear yard)
  • Minimum 5’ setback from side and rear property lines
  • Minimum 12.5’ setback from the home
Additionally, a fence is required to completely surround the proposed pool or yard. All gates must be self-closing and locking. If a fence does not already exist, the installation of this fence can be included in the pool application. Fences within the Historic District must conform with the Historic Design Guidelines.

For your application, you will need to submit the following:
  • A copy of the building permit application, completed and signed
  • A site plan for the proposed work on the property, indicating the proposed location of the pool and distances from side and rear property lines, distance from the home and dimensions of the pool. This drawing does not necessarily need to be to scale, however, the more detailed it can be, the better. This site plan must also indicate the location of the proposed fence
  • Images or sales material of the proposed pool, including any hardscaping or other patio construction
  • Images or sales material of the proposed fence to enclose the pool area
This process may seem daunting, however, Village staff is happy to assist you with the process. If you are interested in installing a pool at your home, and have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Village at (513) 771-7200.