Signage in the Village

On December 5, 2022, the Council of the Village of Glendale passed Ordinance 2022-04, approving significant revisions to the Village's signage code. These changes affect signage for all properties in the Village, including residential and commercial.

Please click here to read the new signage code.

Below are some helpful guidelines for signage in residential and commercial zoning districts. This information is a summary of the full code language above. It is highly encouraged you review the full code before installing signage on your property.

Residential signage guidelines
Residential signage guidelines are meant to be clear and concise.
Two types of signage are permitted in residential zoning districts, mounted wall signs and temporary signs.
Mounted wall signs are permitted to be no larger than one square foot and must be mounted no higher than 8 feet from grade. Also, they cannot protrude more than 2 inches from the wall to which it is attached.
Temporary signs are permitted if they are individually less than 4 square feet per sign, with a total maximum permitted 20 square feet of signage per lot. All temporary signs must be set back a minimum of 8 feet from the edge of a roadway, or 2 feet from the edge of the sidewalk, whichever is greater.
Commercial Signage GuidelinesAll Commercial district properties are located in the Village's Historic Overlay District. As a result, ALL commercial signage requires a Glendale Planning and Historic Preservation Commission Certificate of Appropriateness.
The following signage types are permitted:
  • Mounted wall sign
  • Projecting wall sign
  • Monument sign
  • Window sign
  • Freestanding sign
  • Awning sign
  • Sidewalk sign
  • Temporary sign
Window signs, which includes window decal signage, cannot exceed 1/2 of the total area of the window upon which the sign is attached or visible. 
Sidewalk signs can (among other requirements) be placed on public or private sidewalks, with a minimum of 5 feet of clear sidewalk for pedestrians, and only between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

If you have any questions about signage, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Village Office at (513) 771-7200.