Trash Pickup Schedule
Please be aware that beginning January 2, 2012 our trash collection program is moving to the curb:

As a cost cutting measure, Village Council agreed to amend our Waste Collection Contract with Rumpke to eliminate back-door pick up. Over the next year, we will realize a savings of $72,000 by moving collection to the curb with your recycling collection. The new collection system will begin with the first pick-up January 2, 2012.




Congress Avenue (up to1000) Annadale Lane Albion Avenue
Elk Avenue Church Street Albion Lane
Erie Avenue Cole Avenue Ault Lane
Forest Avenue Congress Avenue (1001 and up) Brandywine Drive
Forest Place Coolidge Avenue Camp Street
East Fountain Avenue Coral Avenue Chester Road
West Fountain Avenue Garfield Avenue Clarke Court
Glen Alley Greenville Avenue (1021-1075) Cleveland Avenue
Greenville Avenue (705-915) Hetherington Court Creekwood Square
Grove Avenue Hetherington Lane Depot Lane
Ivy Avenue Jefferson Avenue Glendale Avenue
Laurel Avenue (up to 1000) North Lake Avenue Glen Meadow Court
Magnolia Avenue South Lake Avenue Greenwood Avenue
Myrtle Avenue Laurel Avenue (1001 and up) Hedgerow Lane
Oak Street Lincoln Avenue Kingfisher Lane
Springfield Pike E. Sharon Avenue (3-280) Linden Avenue
Summit Avenue W. Sharon Avenue (9 and up) Little Creek Lane
Van Nes Drive Washington Avenue Maple Avenue
Village Square (businesses) Willow Avenue (1001 and up) Morse Avenue
Willow Avenue (up to 1000) Matthew's Court Oak Road
Wood Avenue   Oak Drive
Woodbine Avenue   Osprey Lane
    E. Sharon Avenue (300 and up)
    North Troy Avenue
    South Troy Avenue
    Warwick Place
    East Willow Avenue
    Carruthers Pond Subdivision
    Frick Court
    James Place
    Rowley Court
    St. Edmond's Drive
    Thomas Court
    Ward Lane





As referenced in the Garbage policies of thissection, hazardous waste is not permitted nor will be collected as part of your garbage.  These items, in part, can include caustic chemicals, acids, liquid paints, flammable liquids, solvents, drain cleaners, tires, batteries and more.  For disposal of Hazardous items, contact the Hamilton County Environmental Services at 513-333-4700 for the nearest disposal center location.