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Tollgate Park

Tollgate Park

The Cincinnati & Hamilton Turnpike

From Indian and military foot trails emerged the need for a roadway to connect two newly settled communities; Cincinnati (1788) and Hamilton (1791). In 1817 the new joint stock company “The Cincinnati & Hamilton Turnpike” issued $100,000 in shares to build this turnpike to markedly reduce the 30 mile and two day travel time. From this Turnpike emerged a Tollgate to collect tolls, blacksmith shops and several Inn’s to house weary travelers. One Inn, “The Century Inn” still operates today as one of Ohio’s oldest. Another, at 25 W. Fountain, is now a home. These were formative years in the growth of Ohio’s early transportation and development.

Click above photo to see dedication ceremony

Below are two views of the same photo circa 1892, showing the tollgate on Route 4 (Springfield Pike) at Tollgate Park. The view is looking south down Route 4. In the first photo you can see the building that still stands next to, and just south of, The Century Inn. I believe this building is affectionately referred to as the "Brown Jug Building" today, and houses law offices. Also visible is the gate arm itself, bearing the words, "PAY TOLL AS YOU GO.   GATE No.3".

In the second photo the tollgate booth is visible at the left of the photo. This booth sat in the triangle that is now Tollgate Park, in Glendale. The balanced gate arm was on a pivot in what is now the extended parking lot of the Century Inn and lowered into a receiver at the booth in Glendale.

The bicyclists in the photo are members of the Brighton Bicycle Club starting a race from Glendale to Hamilton, through Springdale.

Below the map, further down the page, there is a side by side comparison of 1892 Springfield Pike to Springfield Pike of today. Very interesting...the change. Unfortunately, for the purpose of comparison, a newer building now masks out most of the "Brown Jug Building", but it is partially visible.

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