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The Glendale Park Board is a four-member, mayor-appointed board that advises council on park and street tree matters. The Park Board, along with generous volunteer help, plans and maintains the trees, shrubs and flowerbeds in the parks. A village ordinance protects public street and park trees and allows the Park Board to guide the citizens in proper tree care. Urban forest activities historically have included street tree planting, emergency removal and pruning. New programs include young tree maintenance, special planting projects, installation of a demonstration windbreak/wildlife habitat and installation of a computerized street tree inventory available online to all residents.

The street tree inventory revealed 16 miles of streets, 2,403 street trees, 110 different species and 215 spaces to plant new trees. The trees' condition generally are fair, with the majority of the trees being younger and newly planted.

The village helps manage urban forests by providing spring and fall leaf collection and shredding and year-round brush chipping. The organic materials are recycled into compost and made available to residents free of charge.

The National Arbor Foundation has recognized Glendale as a Tree City, USA for the last eleven consecutive years. In 1999, Glendale received it's first Growth Award. The Park Board is an official agency of the village with an annual budget of $10,000. It depends on grants and private donations. The Park Board relies on citizens to help in it's effort to keep Glendale beautiful. With Park Board permission and written approval, citizens may include costs for street tree planting, tree maintenance and stump grinding in their charitable deductions for federal income tax purposes. Park Board chairman is Tom Carruthers.

For more information, call 771-7200. Or, write to the board in care of the Glendale Municipal Offices, 30 Village Square, Glendale, Ohio 45246.

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        Office:       Name: Elect/Apt.       Term Expiration:

        Chairman      Craig Simonson         A 01/05/15 (4) 01/01/19
        Member        Joseph Hubbard         A 01/04/16 (4) 01/01/20
        Member        Bob Carey              A 01/07/13 (4) 01/01/17
        Member        Peter Cassinelli       A 01/06/14 (4) 01/01/18
        Member        Joe Moravec            A 07/11/16 (4) 01/01/20
        Member        Jody Skowronek         A 07/11/16 (4) 01/01/20

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