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Homeward Bound Project
HOMEWARD BOUND PROJECT--The fire department has now started the Homeward Bound Project. Do you or a loved one have a disability that limits getting around? Does someone you know have trouble getting around or getting out? If so, download this form and send it to the fire department. This will let us know when we are called to a residence if there are special needs we should be aware of. We'll even check in on them occasionally if you would like.

Utility Registration
New Residents use this form to register for utilities (Water & Sewage)

ServeOhio Volunteer Form
Use this form and submit to the Village Office instead of registering on-line to "serveohio". While it is 3+ pages in length, it is easier than the on-line form.

Hamilton County’s Home Improvement Program
I do hereby certify that sufficient evidence has been provided to indicate that the work for which a loan has been secured through the Hamilton County H.I.P. program, as stated above, has been completed.

CLEAN Team Mail-in Form
Use this form as an alternative to email to submit to the Village Office your reports of unsightly properties (public & private) around town. Uncut grass, high weeds, litter, accumulated junk, etc., are the focus of your Village CLEAN Team.

CLEAN Team Volunteer Form
Use this form to volunteer for service to Glendale's CLEAN Team.

Chamber of Commerce Application
You may apply for membership in the Glendale Chamber of Commerce here

Building Permit
Use this form to apply for a building permit

Building Permit w/HVAC
Use this form to apply for building permit with HVAC information

Planning Commission Evaluation Form
 Process Evaluation Form
 Process Evaluation Form

Each year approximately 150 residents apply for a building permit. Almost 100 of them will live in the History District and also apply before the Planning Commission for an Appropriateness permit. The Village of Glendale strives to make every experience and interaction a pleasant and efficient one. We encourage you to let us know how we are doing - where do we excel and where can we improve? Please take a moment to tell us about your Glendale Building Permit experience. You may mail, fax or email a copy to us. Village of Glendale 30 Village Square, Glendale, OH 45246 Fax: 771-7318 email:


Thank you!

Unoccupied Home Report
Turn this form in to the Police Department when you are going to be away from home for a period of time

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