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NPS Designation Name: Wilson House
Glendale Codified Ordinance Name: Davis House
Address: 2 Forest Place
Year Built: 1854
My grandmother was born at 2 Forest Place. It was built by her grandfather, Charles Davis as a summer house and eventually became her parents permanent home (father Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Davis took the train into Cincinnati every day to the pork packing business his father founded with help of John H. Porter [see Porter House] and another early Glendale resident, Nathaniel Goldsmith) [see Goldsmith House]. Sadly, her father died when she was a child, 1906, and her mother moved the family away from Glendale between 1910 & 1914. But my grandmother loved Glendale always. I visit there every summer, if only to drive through. It is so beautiful.

The Charles Davis' house on Forest Place is mentioned as being a summer place specifically, which only later became Frank Davis' family's home. At that time his fulltime residence was in downtown Cincinnati, at 57 West 9th Street. The Porters appear to have built their home to live in fulltime. John & Lydia lost several unnamed babies (buried at Spring Grove) before they had their two sons, Herbert Kent and Bonsall. I would imagine they wanted to rear them in a country setting.

I was named Mary Abigail for MaryAnn Abigail Porter, who was the wife of Charles Davis and the (half) sister of John Porter, Which would explain my love of Glendale, Cincinnati and this branch of my genealogy.

Abby Pettiss Kuehn

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