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Keeping Glendale Beautiful
Dear Residents,

This is your forum for bringing to the attention of the Village of Glendale, unsightly areas of town, such as yards with excessive tall weeds, uncut grass, litter, peeling paint, etc... on private or public property. If it looks bad to you, it probably looks bad to everyone, and we want it cleaned up too. Below, you will find an email address to use for this purpose so that the proper official can act upon your notice.

Thank you in advance for your vigilance and cooperation. Together, we can keep Glendale well manicured and litter free.

The CLEAN Team


If you would prefer to mail in your report anonymously, or otherwise, you may use the following form and mail it to the Village Office.

CLEAN Team Mail-In Form

Volunteers are always needed on The CLEAN Team. Use the following form to sign up to help keep Glendale pristine and beautiful:

CLEAN Team Volunteer Form

Sponsors & Friends

From May, 2006 Council Minutes

The C.L.E.A.N. Team had a busy month, and mobilized a group of Boy Scout volunteers in the clean-up of a property on South Troy Avenue. The Chief expressed his thanks to Mr. Hoeweler for his support of the effort, and also to CiCi’s Pizza, which donated eight large pizzas in support of the effort.

From June, 2006 Council Minutes

Chief Fruchey presented his monthly report. The C.L.E.A.N. Team continues to make progress and with the recent addition of a zoning officer, more will be done to correct zoning and maintenance issues in and about the Village.

If you are, or have been a volunteer on the Glendale CLEAN Team, and you wish to be recognized here, email me HERE to be added below:



More News
From the July, 2006 Glendale Newsletter

C.L.E.A.N. Team Sweeps Glendale

The Glendale Police want to thank our residents for the cooperation and response to several requests made on behalf of the Community & Law Enforcement Abating Nuisances (CLEAN) program that began this year in Glendale. Our goal of cleaning up Glendale nuisances and hazardous conditions is an ongoing program and we will continue to achieve the goal of “working together to keep Glendale beautiful”.

Presently, we attempt to make personal contact with the homeowner, discuss the violation and agree on a reasonable time for correction(s) to be made. If we are unable to make personal contact, we send a letter of notice with a reasonable date for the correction to be made. As a last resort, the property owner may be cited to court if corrections are not made within a reasonable time. We are pleased to report that thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response and cooperation of our residents, very few citations have been issued.

Vacant houses in need of repair in the village are a concern that is being addressed in several ways; the Glendale Building Department and the Hamilton County Health Department. While this may take time, we are confident that we will achieve our goals.

If you have a disabled or junk vehicle on your property, we have a solution. Springdale Automotive will remove the vehicle at no cost. As we will be enforcing junk vehicle ordinances in Glendale, we encourage you to contact the Glendale police department for additional information.

Lastly, we want residents to pay particular attention to our weed and grass Ordinance (93.10 A). Simply put, grass should not exceed 10 inches. Pruning of trees or shrubbery (93.10 G) is required on property abutting a street or sidewalk so that pedestrian passage is not obstructed. No brush or limb should project into or onto the 5 foot sidewalk for a height of 7’. Our bike patrol officers will be making a sweep of the village to check for this dangerous condition and you will be notified if there is a problem. We ask you to now check your property and sidewalk for this problem that “blooms” every year with the arrival of spring. We suggest checking for overgrown vegetation and limbs along sidewalks and property lines whenever the lawn is cut by the homeowner or a lawn service. Concerning poison ivy, please inspect your property several times a year for this hazardous weed and immediately eradicate it. The CLEAN team receives complaints about weeds, tall grass and obstructed sidewalk conditions each year and will enforce the ordinances.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the CLEAN Team, contact the Glendale Police Department at 771-7645 or email us at CleanTeam@glendaleohio.org

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