Emerald Ash Borer Now In Ohio


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In  July of 2002 the aggressive insect “Emerald Ash Borer” or EAB was discovered in Michigan.   By February of 2003 it was discovered in northwest Ohio.    This non-native insect is part of the metallic wood-boring beetles from Asia.   They aggressively feed upon all species of Ash trees; of which forest approximately 10% of Ohio.     Their eating habits, just under the Ash bark, disrupt the tree’s ability to transmit water and food up the trunk and throughout the tree.     The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) asks that all communities develop a plan of action to stop the spread of this insect.    If not stopped now, it will spread throughout our county with devastating financial, ecological and esthetic impact.  


The Village of Glendale’s tree canopy is managed by the Village Forester (Village Administrator) and the Glendale Park Board. There are statewide quarantines prohibiting the movement of Ash tree wood in Ohio and many communities have and are adopting Plan of Actions to deal with this potentially devastating insect.


The following policy has been adopted, effective August 1st, 2006.


A)                The Village of Glendale will monitor and verify infestation of each publicly owned Ash trees; reporting same to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture’s surveillance plan.   

B)                 The Village of Glendale will remove infested trees.

C)                 The Village of Glendale will not plant Ash trees until such time as there is no infestation potential.

D)                The Village of Glendale will encourage  residents to (1) not plant Ash trees on their private property and (2)  to  immediately remove infested trees without transporting the firewood.

E)                 The Village of Glendale will encourage utility Right of Way (ROW) trimmers (Cincinnati Bell, Duke Energy, or Warner Cable) to remove instead of trim Ash trees.




Walter W. Cordes                                             Glendale Park Board

Village Administrator                                         Thomas Carruthers, Chairman

Matthew Dickman, Arborist

Craig Simonson, Member

Peter Cassinelli, Member


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