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Glendale voters originally approved the aggregation initiatives for natural gas and electric services in November 2009. Aggregation programs allow residents and small businesses to select an alternative supplier to Duke Energy. Since 2009, the Village has provided opt-out programs for both natural gas and electricity with two and three year terms, respectively. The current natural gas program will end soon in October and the electricity program ends during October 2017.

After researching the market, the Village has extended its agreement for natural gas with Interstate Gas Supply (IGS) for a new two year term. (IGS is also our supplier for electric).  Since Duke Energy’s gas rate changes every month our new natural gas program will also set rates on a month-to-month basis.   Aggregation rates may be compared to the Duke rates by exploring “Finding Your Price-To-Compare” from our website.

 All residents and small businesses should  receive a new “opt out” notice for the natural gas program within the next few weeks unless you are receiving service from an alternative supplier you have selected on your own.  

 You may opt-in to either the natural gas or electricity program at any time without penalty by calling IGS at 1-800-280-4474.  Be certain to tell them that you are enrolling under the Village of Glendale aggregation program and confirm that the rates in this message are the same rates quoted to you.  You should also be aware of your current supplier and whether any penalties will be assessed to you under your agreement if you decide to opt-in the Village programs.  If you look at your Duke Energy bill, usually on page 2, you should see a section that indicates who your current supplier is.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the village office at 771-7200. 

Our supply rate for electricity remains fixed under contract with IGS as follows:

Electricity:                   Fixed Rate      $.0576 per kilowatt hour         Effective Until October 2017

Questions. If you have any additional questions concerning either program call the Village office at 771-7200 or our consultant, Eagle Energy, at 251-7283.

If you currently belong to Glendale’s Aggregation program but down the road you no longer want to participate, then you may leave Glendale’s Aggregation program at any time without paying a penalty.

Even though Glendale has an aggregation program, suppliers may still solicit your business by phone or by mail and suggest that you leave the aggregation program.  Beware before you accept a solicitation from another supplier seeking a long-term contract because it may include a penalty to leave their program in the future. 

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