Matthew Addy Green

and the Story of the Petrified Log


For those who haven’t noticed, the large petrified wood log in front of the fire department has moved. It is now a few feet west of its original position in the alcove on the front east side of the building (Town Hall). The petrified log was moved to the alcove to become a part of a memorial area. The first memorial placed there is a memorial to Glendale resident Daryl Gordon. So, now that we know where it moved and why, how many out there know where the log came from?






Matthew Addy Green bequeathed the petrified log to the Village of Glendale

“as a symbol of the strength and solidarity of our village”.

He had purchased the log and a “meteorite” on a trip to the west.

Read the “meteorite” news article below for more information.



So who was Matthew Addy Green? He was the son of James Albert Green and Louise Washburn Coy Green and was married to Mary Allen Green. Their residence in Glendale was at 200 Magnolia Avenue. He lived from 1901 to 1967 and is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Section 118 Lot 2. He was named after Matthew Addy, founder of Addyston, Ohio and a business partner of his father.